Our Staff

Camp Kids Are Kids Chicago is staffed by diverse and caring volunteers who are carefully selected, screened, and assigned. Everyone, from the cabin counselors to the medical team, is a volunteer committed to making the week spectacular. All volunteers must be at least 21, complete a thorough application process which includes an interview and background check, and must participate in extensive mandatory training.

Our volunteers come from all over Chicago and the country. We have a minimum of 3 campers to 1 counselor supervision ratio. With our leadership, program, and medical volunteers, our ratio is 1 on 1.

All Camp Kids Are Kids Chicago staff share a commitment to the well-being and happiness of our campers and often say that camp is a life-changing experience that exceeds their highest expectations.

Camp Kids Are Kids Chicago provides quality medical care from a team of professionals including physicians and nurses who are onsite 24 hours a day. Our Medical Team reviews every camper’s application and coordinates care with their treating physicians. The camp medical team is available onsite at all times to administer medications, change dressings, and respond to all camper health needs. There is always one Pediatric Oncologist Doctor on-site and at least 4 nurses and they come from one of the many Pediatric Oncology Children’s Hospitals in the Chicago-land area.

Our dedicated staff are committed to making Camp Kids Are Kids a great experience for children with cancer in the Chicago area.

Board Of Directors and Offices

Our dedicated Board of Directors and officers work tirelessly to ensure proper staffing, training, funding, medical needs and countless other details are taken care of so that camp is fun, seamless and an experience of a lifetime. Below is a listing of our dedicated team.

Board of Directors:

Richard M. Brundige
Morrie Elstien
Marilyn M. Kasal
Allen Kutchins
Todd Mikell
Thomas N. Mulligan
Richard G. Weinberg


Chairman – Richard Weinberg
Vice Chairman – Todd Mikell
Secretary – Thomas N. Mulligan
Treasurer – Allen Kutchins

What Parents Say About Our Staff

Every year, we ask parents if there are any staff in particular to whom they would like to “Tip the Hat” to show appreciation or communicate their thoughts. Every volunteer and staff member works at our camp as an act of love, and there is no greater reward than making a difference and feeling appreciated.

Thank You All Past, Present and Future Staff, Volunteers and Benefactors

Every year at the drop-off, I love the presentation that the staff and volunteers make to the families. As a matter of fact, I cannot get through it without crying. I get so touched that so many folks would give not just the week but many weeks of their time planning, training, fundraising and brainstorming to make that week awesome for our kids. I tip my hat to all past, present and future staff, volunteers and benefactors.

Always Putting These Kids as a Priority

Thank you to the entire staff for always putting these kids as a priority and always putting a smile on their faces. You guys always find fun activities and crazy songs that these kids love.

Make Their Experience Even Better

We are so very lucky that all the counselors and staff dedicate their time to be with the kids and make their experience even better.

Made Camp a Wonderful Experience

Thakn you to Dr. K. Our daughter went into camp with a pre-established relationship with her. She showed our daughter the personal and professional side of her and made camp a wonderful experience.

Everyone has been great

Everyone has been great. Ken, Rich & Rob have all made [our son] feel comfortable over the past 4 years at camp. For this year in particular, Aidan seemed to enjoy his conversations with Malissa as well.


Everyone was so lovely and kind.