Our Medical Team will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and will work on the necessary precautions to operate in person again when it is safe to do so. The “silver lining” to this COVID cloud is our ability to serve more families who wouldn’t have been able to attend camp in person.
Here’s how we continue to grow through virtual programming.


Feels Like Instant Family

“In our journey as a family through the ups and downs of Katrina’s fight, we’ve met a lot of people and organizations that helped us through some tough times, but I can honestly say none have touched us on such a personal level as the counselors and volunteers of CKAKC. It legitimately felt like a family within an hour of meeting, and the way the kids forged bonds with each other and the volunteers was something that brought a tear to my eye when we picked her up at the end of camp. I had several of the counselors relate to me about what a kind, thoughtful and intelligent kid Katrina is, and hearing that from someone who was a stranger a week before is something that I can honestly say does not happen often. Some organizations just due their diligence and move on, but CKAKC truly made us all feel like we belonged to a very special group of people.”