I just wanted to thank all of the CKAKC staff and volunteers for such a wonderful job putting together a virtual camp for our children. The week of camp was an unexpected hard week for my daughter. Her chemo treatment medications were increased earlier this month causing more intense side effects and also causing her hair to fall out again. The 1st day of camp is when we saw clumps of her hair coming out and as you can imagine for a little girl whose hair was just starting to come back, it was devastating. Camp was a life saver!!!!! Her mind was not focused on her hair loss, and even if you couldn’t tell in her face sometimes, she was super excited for all the activities and all the silliness that would have her cracking up throughout the day. Even though this was her first year with CKAKC she felt like part of the family. Her cabin leaders made her feel special and important to the group and you made her laugh so much. After camp sessions were over she would come to me and share about it with such a huge smile on her face. I am forever grateful that she was able to be part of it on such short notice. Thank you for making that possible.
Thank you so, so much for all you do for our kids.

I was most surprised by how authentic of a camp experience it was! I didn’t expect to feel so connected to everyone but I felt like we all worked together so well. I was also surprised by how engaged the kids were in a virtual format.

I am so happy to be a part of the team this summer. Even though it turned out unexpected because of covid, we all did amazing. I felt so inspired and warm after camp. Everyone was so passionate. Thank you for everyone and for what they do to make the campers enjoy camp and have a good time!

I want to thank everyone who made this virtual camp possible. This was my very first camp experience and I was nervous going into it, but this has been the most fun and exciting week for me! It was so incredible to see the campers open up and become more comfortable with us as the week went on. You all have created something so special and thank you for letting me be a part of it!