We love it. Under any other circumstances, it would be difficult for us to let our 7-year-old go off for a week without us, but we know he’s in great hands. He’s been through so much more than a lot of 7 year olds and it’s made him grow up a lot faster than he should have. It is wonderful that he has places like Camp Kids Are Kids that allow him to just BE a kid for a while.


AMAZING! This year especially, Jack seemed to really make a connection to the fact that he was camping with other kids who had also gone through something similar to his cancer experience. He was very moved that the kids chose to share their cancer stories and was happy to have other kids there who understand his difficulties getting around with crutches, etc.


No matter what each child is going through, they are not looked at differently. Camp gives them a chance to enjoy themselves and be with kids who experience a similar adjusted lifestyle because of their medical needs. Kids get to be kids with attentive staff who are kids at heart.


“It’s surprising how difficult it is to connect with other families even when you go to the same clinic. Camp not only brings the kids together, but gives them several days to bond, share and have fun.”