Why Kids Love Us

We can tell you more than a million reasons about why children love Camp Kids are Kids Chicago, but why listen to us? We believe that every child has value, and we love hearing what they have to say. Here are some of their thoughts.

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  • Every moment
  • Dancing on the boat
  • Being with my friends and the boat party
  • Going on the boat and dancing to all the songs
  • The boat, my friends, everything
  • Making new friends and having so much fun
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  • That you meet new people
  • Being surprised by where we go
  • We got to be kids
  • Making new memories and friends
  • That everyone feels like family
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  • To make new friends, you don’t have to be perfect just fun
  • Everybody isn’t alike
  • That I’m a good role model
  • New camp songs, and how to dance and be a leader
  • To act my age and be a leader
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  • Being active is good
  • Don’t be shy and be yourself
  • I’m not alone in this fight
  • It gets better
  • Handle emotions
  • Make new friends
  • Always be myself
  • Always stay strong and work hard


Watch and listen to what our parents and children have to say after vising Camp Kids are Kids Chicago.

Parent Testimonials

There is nothing harder than watching powerless as your children struggle. And on the flip side, there is nothing better than seeing your children happy. Here are some comments from parents whose children have become part of the Camp Kids Are Kids Chicago family.

We Love It!

We love it. Under any other circumstances, it would be difficult for us to let our 7-year-old go off for a week without us, but we know he’s in great hands. He’s been through so much more than a lot of 7 year olds and it’s made him grow up a lot faster than he should have. It is wonderful that he has places like Camp Kids Are Kids that allow him to just BE a kid for a while.

Finding a Way for ALL Kids to Participate is Awesome!

Finding a way for ALL kids to participate is awesome! Small groups to get kids to open up and talk to one another. One-on-one with counselors REALLY helps too!

Highlight of My Son’s Summer

It was a highlight of my son’s summer. He has not been able to do much all summer and this was a needed distraction. I know he pushed himself to keep up with the kids.


AMAZING! This year especially, Jack seemed to really make a connection to the fact that he was camping with other kids who had also gone through something similar to his cancer experience. He was very moved that the kids chose to share their cancer stories and was happy to have other kids there who understand his difficulties getting around with crutches, etc.

You Did Great!

You did great! Sophia is pretty reserved but when she comes back from camp she’s a different person.

The CKAK Team Are Always Incredible

The activities are great but it’s always the staff and volunteers that make the experience memorable and the CKAK team are always incredible.

Attentive Staff Who are Kids at Heart

No matter what each child is going through, they are not looked at differently. Camp gives them a chance to enjoy themselves and be with kids who experience a similar adjusted lifestyle because of their medical needs. Kids get to be kids with attentive staff who are kids at heart.

Chance to be a Normal Child

“This camp gives these kids the chance to be a normal child without worrying about their condition all the time!!!”

Doctors and Nurses On Call

“I loved the fact they had a pediatric oncology doctor and nurses that knew how to assist if any health issues would arise.”

Brings Kids Together

“It’s surprising how difficult it is to connect with other families even when you go to the same clinic. Camp not only brings the kids together, but gives them several days to bond, share and have fun.”

Feels Like Instant Family

“In our journey as a family through the ups and downs of Katrina’s fight, we’ve met a lot of people and organizations that helped us through some tough times, but I can honestly say none have touched us on such a personal level as the counselors and volunteers of CKAKC. It legitimately felt like a family within an hour of meeting, and the way the kids forged bonds with each other and the volunteers was something that brought a tear to my eye when we picked her up at the end of camp. I had several of the counselors relate to me about what a kind, thoughtful and intelligent kid Katrina is, and hearing that from someone who was a stranger a week before is something that I can honestly say does not happen often. Some organizations just due their diligence and move on, but CKAKC truly made us all feel like we belonged to a very special group of people.”

All Negativity Left Behind

“Camp has been an amazing experience for our family. It’s wonderful knowing there is a place where all the negativity of her medical issues can be left behind and our whole family can feel normal for a week every year.”

Cannot Wait For Next Summer

“He had the best time and was so sad to say good-bye to all his new friends. He cannot wait to go back this summer. It was a great opportunity for him to just be a kid again.”

Just Having Fun

“I enjoyed the fact I knew she was having fun and that would help maybe forget what cancer had done to her, and recognize that he was not the only kid going through cancer.”

She Ranked it With Make-a-Wish

“She has told us multiple times that the week at camp ranked right up with her Make-A-Wish trip that we took on a Disney Cruise, even going so far as to ask my wife and me almost daily if there would be another camp this summer!”